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Sep 5, 2015

Guest Blogger: The Singles Ward by Dog Walker

It's been a long time since I've got to write a post on Mom's blog. But that was when I was telling all of you about my Mission Report. It's a bit disappointing that the mission is over and I've been released from it. But you know, life just needs to go on. Besides there are other good things that are coming in the future. I went back to school, but I just became a junior at UVU to keeping majoring on education in order to become a special education teacher. But that's not the only thing that I'm trying to work on for the rest of my future. I'm also attending: The Singles Ward. My parents always told me while I was on the mission, I'll have to wait until I'm released in order to go to the singles ward and find the right companion to be with me for eternity.

Even though I'm going to the Singles Ward until I find the right Daughter of God to get betrothed to, it just always reminds me of one Halestorm movie called The Singles Ward. It's a funny Mormon movie that talks about finding the right companion for eternal marriage and how hard it can be in life. It's a pretty good movie that I promise to you that it's humorous and breath-taking. If you haven't ever seen the movie, I posted this video of the entire movie for you to watch whenever you have the time to do so.

Of course, this isn't exactly the thing my mother was expecting to see. She wanted me to talk about the plans we're doing for Labor Day weekend, but I thought she can lead up to that. And besides, I just felt like I should tell all of you of what I've been doing after the mission and I hope in the prayers I'll find the right girl to be engaged for eternity. The Beast didn't exactly do it like that with Beauty, but I'm about to try the best I can to find the right girl just like The Beast did. Hope to hear back from all of you. And enjoy the movie (plus the sequel to it)! :)


Denise said...

bless you, enjoyed this guest post.

LeAnn said...

I loved your quest post. I think it is awesome that you are going to the singles ward. I will look forward to you finding that special young woman that is just for you for eternity.
I loved the Singles Ward movie when i saw it a long time ago. Thanks for the reminder; I will watch it again. Blessings and hugs~


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