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Sep 22, 2015

Guest Blog: "Zebra Popcorn Popping" by Baby Doll (and Drama Queen)

We had a fun time together yesterday making Zebra popcorn.  It's called Zebra popcorn because it has dark stripes on it and its really awesome.  Drama Queen figured out how to make it while she lived in Nephi and so we decided to make it together.   First, we had to get the supplies: like an air-pop popcorn maker and a big bowl to catch the popcorn.  Then we put kernels in the popcorn maker, and it popped the popcorn.  Sometimes it was so silly and tried to jump out of the bowl.
Next, we made sure that there were no kernels in the popped popcorn and spread in out on cookie sheets.  And then we got a pan out to make the caramel.  First in the pan was 1 1/2 sticks of butter, plus 1/2 cup of sugar and we melted that down.  Then we added 14 oz. of sweetened condensed milk (Drama Queen likes that so much she tried to lick the extra off the lid!) and three tablespoons of corn syrup.  We had to stir it a lot - like for ten minutes!  But then it was ready and we poured it on the popcorn.  It was really, really hot, so only Drama Queen could stir the popcorn around and get it all carmaley, but I got to eat all the pieces that fell off the pan onto the table!

We needed to let it cool down but then we could add the chocolate!  We just used some chocolate almond bark from the food-store and melted in the microwave.  It was so easy.  Then, Drama Queen flipped the melted chocolate all over the popcorn so that it looked pretty.   We wanted to serve it for family home evening treat, so we had to hide it in the oven so the kids wouldn't eat it all when they got home from school.  (Prima Donna can eat sooooooo much popcorn when she is hungry.  It's like her favorite food.)  ...We may have let Mom snitch a little though..  

At family home evening, everybody loved it!  We love learning about Jesus and we love eating popcorn too.  It was so yummy but it kinda made me thirsty. What do you eat for family home evening treat?


Anna Banana said...

My favorite is Rice Krispies. I love caramel corn and chocolate, so I should try making your yummy zebra corn!

Denise said...

enjoyed this

LeAnn said...

I loved your tutorial on making the popcorn. It sounds so yummy! I really really love popcorn. What a perfect family home evening. Blessings and hugs for this one!


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