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Sep 15, 2015

Dancing in the Rain

The Dog Walker sent me a text early this morning. "It's supposed to rain today and tomorrow." I was sure hoping he was going to be wrong on this one because Princess and Crafty were supposed to dance tonight at the Taste of South Jordan event and it was outside.

I watched the skies all day. I was excited to see Princess dance again. This opportunity came up before the new performing teams had time to put anything together, so they asked the girls from last year to come back and dance. They do the most beautiful number to David Archuleta's Glorious and it was supposed to be the final number.

At 3:45 when the girls left to set up, it was windy, but no rain yet. Then, the minute Baby Doll, Curly, Scout, and I got in the van to head for the park, we saw the first drops of rain. At 4:30, it was still pretty sparse. Unfortunately, the sound system hadn't arrived and the girls couldn't dance without their music. So we waited.

And the drops came down heavier and heavier. Finally the sound system arrived. Crafty's group took the stage for their first number and one of the girls slipped a little on the wet stage. Still they danced on. Fortunately for us, we were under a canopy and so were they, but the rain was starting to come in sideways.

Two more numbers and Princess's group did their Western number. It was fun, but not Glorious. Sadly, by then the rain was unrelenting and the girls were sent home. They were all wet and disappointed. Things cleared up a little later, so hopefully the tasting event was a success.

In fact, I hope it was Glorious!


LeAnn said...

Sorry that the rain shortened the event. I will hope to see those girls of yours dance sometime.

Denise said...

better luck next time


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