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Oct 1, 2015

Weird Wednesday

It seems like my family has been doing a lot of weird stuff lately or at least that is what I found when I started looking for pics on my cell phone. I thought it might be fun to share. Maybe we could create a new meme. How about Weird Wednesday?

Fajita thought it would be fun to sit in the garbage can... until she got stuck...

Prima Donna is waiting for her turn to perform her monologue for the Shakespeare night at the high school. She isn't really weird, but the piece she chose to recite is definitely out there!

Crafty and Prima Donna waiting for the filming of their dances for Reflections at the dance studio. Yeah, it's that time of year again. The deadlines seem to move up a little more each year.

 Bossy's frustration with trying to find just the right mat for Fajita's photography entry. Isn't she cute?!

Prima Donna and I were waiting somewhat impatiently for the parent meeting to start for the musical. We had to do something to keep us entertained.

Why is it we are always waiting? Sport and I at Parent Teacher Conferences tonight. The librarian gave him this little squishy ball and we couldn't stop squeezing it (until some weird liquid started gooshing out).

 Yeah, she really is stuck!

Hope you had a wonderful weird Wednesday just like mine.

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Denise said...

enjoy the rest of your week


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