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Oct 29, 2015

First Prize for Dog Walker's Awesome Display

We were sitting around tonight, cleaning up the kitchen and doing homework when the doorbell rang. It was just after 9:00 and Crafty answered it. After a moment, "Mom?" she called, "Door's for you." She didn't really open the door which I thought was a bit weird and when I asked her who it was, she just shrugged. I was surprised to see a little old man there, not anyone I knew, but he carried a cane and a piece of paper in a sheet protector.

He greeted me with a pleasant but shy smile and proceeded to congratulate me. He said that the Dog Walker's light display was the finest one he had seen this year and he wanted to present it with his first prize, a copy of a poem he wrote himself. Then he handed me the piece of paper and turned to leave. I tried to engage him in further conversation by telling him a bit about the Dog Walker, but he was finished. He had delivered his prize and he was on his way.

The Dog Walker was ever so pleased with the attention and asked me to post his prize. I thought the writing was pretty clever and I wish I could cite the author, but he never gave his name. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


Marci said...

Congratulations, Dog Walker! I'm sure you have an AWESOME display up. Wish I lived in your neighborhood and could see it in person!

Denise said...

congrats to dog walker, great job


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