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Oct 14, 2015

Party On, Dude!

In all the excitement of the weekend, I forgot to tell you about Baby Doll's family birthday party. My sweetie was supposed to leave town on Sunday morning, and we had planned on having an entire birthday week for Baby Doll so that neither one of them would feel like they were missing the party. Then when his trip was postponed, we decided to stick with the original plan anyway.

So Sunday evening the kids all came over and we had dinner. She was so cute opening her gifts. The kids were complaining they couldn't see her, so Scout lifted her up on the table in front of everyone. I was a little nervous about that at first, but Scout promised to sit right there and watch her, so I stepped back and took pictures instead. Thankfully, we didn't have any mishaps.

She loved her gifts even though the "cat" she was hoping for didn't materialize. She did get a little stuffed pink dog that barks and walks around. At least it doesn't poop...

We finished off the evening with chocolate cake and Creamies.

Our final birthday activity was on Monday night for family home evening. We decided to take in a late movie down in American Fork. We used our free passes, so other than gas, we only spent a couple of bucks on those suckers that make your tongue bleed. I am not a fan of them, but last time we went to the movie there, my sweetie introduced them to the kids and they think they are amazing! I guess for 10 cents, I can afford to buy them every once in a while.

We saw Inside Out. Some of the girls had seen it when it came out, but we all enjoyed it. We got back home just after 11:00 pm and once again I was grateful that my little ones are off track. Now that the party is over, maybe we can get back to real life.

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