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Oct 31, 2015

Guest Blogger: Jack-O-Lanterns by Dog Walker

I thought it's been just recently since I've got to be a guest blogger to this. But Mom wanted me to talk about the activity of carving pumpkins into Jack-O-Lanterns. It feels like we carve pumpkins all day long and we mostly did. First of all, I was at UVU before any of this was going on. Earlier Mom, sent me a text asking me if it was okay for her, the kids, and the girl scouts to carve the pumpkins that I bought and I quickly said "I don't Care" with a smiley face.

Later, I was a bit surprised that Mom had saved me the biggest pumpkin that I bought with the pumpkins that I bought before October. We all hate the feeling and smell of pumpkin guts inside when taking out all the slime and seeds out of it. But every year, we need to get used to it, just like some little children get used to playing in the mud like pigs in a pen. Anyway, I wasn't the last one who have got to carve a pumpkin, but Drama Queen, her Best Friend, Bossy, Fajita, and Teach made their very owns. Before this ever happened, I'm pretty sure that Mom had the Girl Scouts carve the pumpkins that they've brought and made it exactly like any carved pumpkin every year on Halloween. I wasn't there when Mom and the Girl Scouts were doing their activity, but I bet that they had a blast.

My idea of a Jack-O-Lantern is the traditional face, except I made Vampire fangs onto them and I added the most bizarre thing on it. I thought it would cool to do something additive to the pumpkin. Put two bananas on the side of it and made it a viking. More like a Vampire-Viking! LOL! Right when I showed that to Mom, she was a bit worried that I'm using the bananas that Teach had bought and not myself and also that bananas get ruined in weather. I knew that already, but I thought it was a good idea, since I noticed somebody added pencils on their Jack-O-Lantern as horns. And I thought I could do something like that. I never had a chance to put the Jack-O-Lanterns on the flowerbed to go with the display until late at night, because Bossy asked me to take her kids and the other kids to her Ward Halloween Party before it ended at eight o'clock. The kids had a wonderful time, despite there were only a few booths that they saw and they felt like wanting to go home.

Finally, when we got home, I had the chance to put the Jack-O-Lanterns on the flowerbed and then add a strip of lights that would work to make the Jack-O-Lanterns glow while being on display. I hope that the trick-or-treating children will go through my display and to know how much I made it entertaining for them to hike through and then come to the door for the treats. Happy Halloween!

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