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Oct 20, 2015

The Right Way To Get a Shot

Top of the Ferris wheel
Sport hates shots more than anything! If you remember right, he is allergic to flu shots, so every time the other kids are toughing them out, he is lounging in the corner just waiting to go out for ice cream. But not too long ago, he had to have some shots for 7th grade. Some of them are mandatory, but others are just a "good idea."

I decided he needed one that was a "good idea." I didn't realize at the time that he would also have to have that same shot a couple more times before we were through. I quietly made an appointment for him and wrote it on the calendar in code so he wouldn't know what it meant.

I guess you could say I tricked him.

Think we might win one? We filled out the entry. :)
He had a card from Scheel's that he got for his birthday and he had been anxious to spend it. Trouble with that is we typically have no time, but I made sure we would have time after his trip to the doctor's office. When he got home from school, I had him gather his wallet and get in the car. He was suspicious, and even more so when I turned the wrong direction, but as soon as the car was going fast enough I knew he wouldn't try to run for it, I told him about the shot.

He was pretty upset at first, but then he squared his shoulders and (mostly) took it like a man. True to my word, I ran him through the McDonald's drive up for a free ice cream cone (had a coupon) and then up to Scheel's. We had to sample the fudge, of course, and I had two tokens for the Ferris wheel left in my purse. We were the only riders and I stole a selfie for you on top even though the girl told me I had to leave my phone in my pocket.

He used his gift card to add to his NFL Lego set and then we drove home. After that hour alone together, he wasn't terribly mad at me anymore. If fact, he said his leg didn't even hurt.

Think I should tell him he still has to have one more shot in 4 months?


Denise said...

I hate shots, but, that is the life for a diabetic

Shell said...

My oldest has to have some shots soon, to go into middle school. He's NOT happy about it!

Marci said...

Emma hated shots, but then an episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood helped her. Now whenever anyone goes to a doctor she asks if they got shots and if they were brave. Probably a little late for Sport to be introduced to that show though :)


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