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Oct 10, 2015

Burrito's Baptism

Today was a beautiful, crazy day!

It started early, about 7:45, which was tough for me since I had been up so late. After a shower, my dear friend came to pick up her dogs and then we put the rest of breakfast on the table. It was quick and crazy and fun. We didn't even take time to clean up, we just threw a cloth over the leftovers and ran for the van.

As it turned out, they started the Baptisms 10 minutes late which was not good since we were already on a tight schedule. There were 8 children being baptized and I had to keep reminding myself that Burrito's baptism was way more important than any of the football games.

My sweetie was honored to baptize Burrito and he was completely submerged the first time, so he only had to be dunked once. Then we met in the overflow with another little girl from his ward and her family. She was confirmed first and then Burrito had his turn. Gamer did an awesome job with the blessing and then my sweetie and Curly were out the door while they were still doing all the hugs.

As it turned out, Sport and I didn't have much extra time either. We ran back to the house and he changed and we grabbed a quick bite to eat and Sport, Bean Dip and I were on the road to West.

We got there just a few minutes early and Sport ran off with his team while Bean Dip and I listened to music and chatted. We had an hour to kill, unfortunately, after about 15 minutes we both fell asleep in the car. I woke up right at 1:30, so we missed the opening kickoff and the first set of downs. Sport's team scored 8, but that was all they managed the entire game. They lost 14 - 8.

Curly's team also lost 8 - 2. His coach was a bit stressed when he called me at 11:50 and said they were starting the game a little early and where was Curly. He also missed the first couple of defensive plays, but did a great job after that.

Both Taco and Burrito won their games and we all converged back at our house. Then we were off on another fun adventure I'm going to save for tomorrow. Partly because this post is already pretty long, but mostly because Fajita has all my pictures stuck in her phone since mine died along the way. That's sort of what happens when the GPS takes you on the roundabout course to avoid an accident on the freeway...


LeAnn said...

Oh my, another adventurous day. Having a baptism is such a sweet part of your day. You did have a lot of games in one day; I don't know how you do it.
We just attended one soccer game for my grandson and I got way too hot and came home exhausted until we ate and then I felt better.
Blessings and hugs!

Denise said...

sweet day


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