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Oct 30, 2015

Decorating Pumpkins

So many fun activities this week! On Tuesday I had my Activity Days girls over to make treats and decorate pumpkins. Princess helped them each make little pumpkins for their families out of Rice Krispies treats. They used mini tootsie rolls for the stems. They were so cute! (and yummy!).

The girls also each had a pumpkin to decorate. We didn't want to cut them since Halloween was still a few days away, so I got out piles of craft supplies, ribbon and fabric, pipe cleaners and beads. They had so much fun and they are all so creative. None of the pumpkins are even similar.

They even had time to put together the skull and crossbones reflector necklaces from the kits given to us by another neighbor.

Then on Wednesday night, So Jordan Chick-fil-A had a Halloween party. They gave away cookies and let each kid decorate and take home a pumpkin of their own. Tomorrow the Girl Scouts are coming over to carve pumpkins for real. Hopefully I'll remember to take some good pictures for you.
Scout and Baby Doll at Chick-fil-A

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Denise said...

always fun at your house.


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