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Oct 6, 2015

Visiting the DMV

Usually my little chickadee likes to run errands with me after preschool, but she definitely had an attitude today. I think it is because it is her birthday week and she is actually having a party with her little friends tomorrow. I know, so cute! Princess already made her My Little Pony cake and it's adorable, but I will save those pics for tomorrow.

So back to our errands.

She was perfectly fine picking up the prescriptions and then running by Hobby Lobby and JC Penney's. But before we could make our trip to Sam's (for sam...ples), we had to pick up Prima Donna and make a trip to the DMV. Remember when she broke her leg this summer? Well, she was getting so close to finishing her license. Unfortunately, in the aftermath of the surgery, she let her learner's permit expire. We thought it would be easy to get a new one.


First we had to do the application and meet with the guy at his little window. Then we were sadly informed that she would have to retake the written test because she was over the deadline by about a week. Prima Donna wasn't nearly as upset by this news as Baby Doll was. As we sat in the chair and that few minutes dragged into half an hour, she actually threw herself on the floor and had a little fit.

I know, so NOT cute!

As calmly as I could, I reminded her that girls who threw fits on the floor in public places did not get to go to lunch in public places for their birthdays...

It took her 2 seconds to climb up on a chair about 3 seats down the row from me and then another 5 minutes before she came back over with her sad face. She didn't really like the pic of her with the sad face, so we tried again and she looked much better the second time.

I felt like I handled it well, although I have some people who think I'm way too soft on my younger ones. What would you have done? You would think after 12 kids I would have this discipline thing down, but the only thing I've figured out is that I still have a lot to learn.


Denise said...

I will say it again, you are amazing.

Anonymous said...

She is your 12th child for Goodness sakes alive, if people give you a hard time, I will be saying this on your blog, it is none of their beeswax how you handle a temper tatrum in a tiny one..Your kids get excellent grades, also help others, are faithful LDS members, loving children and you are their Mother not their BFF..You are an amaxing Mom, you put your faith and husband and children first and foremost and it shows in how wonderful your family is doing. If others criticize you they don't know you and your family at all or read your blog, everyone should have a wonderful Mom and Dad like your family, Kudos to you and for being sweet and kind to your little one..Life is short and sweet and Mom's who pitch a fit when their little one's pitch a fit are just plain STUPID AND SELFISH, THEY ARE ONLY TINY FOR A LITTLE WHILE! happy birthday to baby doll too!

Anonymous said...

I meant to say you are an amazing MOM and your hubs an amazing DAD..You don't treat your tiny baby doll like a soldier but are sweet, kind and loving..She is growing up to be wonderful just like your other children and for that you should be extremely proud! No one wants to be around entitled snotty kids who think the parents are on this earth for their pleasure no they don't at all!


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