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Oct 28, 2015

Halloween Concert

Crafty and Sport had a band concert tonight at the middle school. Sport was upset that he would have to miss football practice, so on Sunday I emailed his coach and explained that since practice started at 5:15 and he had to be at the school at 6:00 ready to play his trumpet, he was going to miss practice (if you don't know about football, this is a big, huge deal!).

His coach kindly excused him but also mentioned that practices had moved up to 5:00 this week. Well, that made all the difference. I told Sport he would be able to practice until 5:50 and then we would run straight to the middle school. It was helpful that this was a costume concert... guess what he dressed up as?

I tried to convince him he could play a trumpet through his helmet, but he didn't really think so. Only the top two bands play at this fall concert, and his band was first. For only having been together for about 8 weeks, they were fabulous! Remember, Sport is a 7th grader as are about half the kids in this concert band.

Crafty plays the clarinet in the symphonic band, the highest level at her school. She is the cute pink Minnie Mouse. She was pretty disappointed with the way her band sounded tonight, but I thought they did great. The first concert of the year is always hard. She played in this same band last year, so for her it is hard not to compare the two groups.

After the concert, dinner, and volleyball, I decided I had to cook down these beautiful grapes my generous neighbor gave to us yesterday. One of my favorite smells on the planet is that deep purple smell of concord grapes as they run through my juicer. We only have enough for one batch this year, so it shouldn't take too long to make them all into jelly tomorrow. If I were smarter, I would figure out how to capture that smell in my Scentsy all year long. Maybe if I just put a tablespoon of jelly in the burner...

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Denise said...

I bet the concert was great.


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