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Oct 4, 2015

Conference Weekend

It was a ridiculously crazy day today.

We got up early this morning so we could clean the church before the morning session of General Conference for our church. The session started at 10:00 and that was the same time Gamer was picking up me and Curly so we could go to Centerville for football. Curly and Burrito were playing on the same fields at the same time, but they each had different opponents. My sweetie took off the other direction so that he could watch Sport play. (They won their game 37 - 0.)

I sat in the car and listened to the second hour of conference on the radio, but I turned it off during the closing song so I could walk over to the field and watch Curly's game. I could have waited. As it turned out, they started their game 45 minutes late! By the time they had warmed up for nearly two hours, these little guys were ready to go home, or at least run over to McDonald's for lunch.

The game ended 0 - 0 and they went into overtime at 2:00, just as the afternoon session of conference started. I downloaded it on my phone so I could hear the announcements about the 3 new apostles in between yelling at my boy to "HIT HARD!"

Neither team scored on the first overtime and they went into a second. Murray went first that time and they scored a touchdown, but they didn't get their extra point. Then Curly's team had their chance. They pushed it up the middle and finally scored. Our coach came dancing off the field. I don't think he remembered he still had to help the guys score the extra point before the game would be officially over.

They lined back up and made a pretty little pass into the end zone. Game over. Bingham 7, Murray 6. Curly was happy, but mostly he was starving and could hardly wait until we drove to Wendy's for a 99-cent cheeseburger.

We listened to the afternoon session all the way home, then it was time to start the tomato sauce and the chili. It was a huge undertaking and we ended up with a large pot of chili and two stockpots full of tomato sauce. We also got 11 quarts of beans and Bossy had the kids pick the apples so it looks like my week will be filled with canning.

At some point the guys left us for the Priesthood session and Crafty and Princess left for a dance performance. We were still up when Prima Donna's bus arrived from Cedar City and the Shakespeare competition. Then Teach had a guy friend drop by about 1:00 AM and I'm chaperoning, so I don't think I'll be sleeping any time soon.

And how was your weekend?


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