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Aug 1, 2013

Teach in Texas

You probably don't sit around on Mondays like I do just waiting for the computer to "bing" indicating that I have a new email. I never know exactly when I will hear from Teach, it just depends on when they get around to going to the library on their p-day (preparation day).

First she writes a letter to her mission president that tells about all the people they are teaching and the progress they are making. Then hopefully she still has time to write a long newsy letter to her dear mother. Last week the computers in the library were so slow that I didn't get a letter! This week they went to a different library and she tried to make up for last week's lack of news.

Lots of times she talks about the work:

Things are progressing really well. We had TWO investigators at church yesterday. AND the ***family*** CAME!!!!! We were so happy to see them Sister Lewis legitimately almost started to cry! (:(: (: They have had HUGE obstacles in their lives to overcome but I finally said to them, "Mayra. Jose. this has be to be last time. This is is. Make this the last time you break the word of wisdom and just turn to the Lord." Jose's eyes went really big and he said, "Wow, when you said that it was scary to hear it, but I know that it has to be the last time." (:  It's cool to be able to speak with the power and authority that comes from being called of God. I will sorely miss that when I'm released.

And sometimes she just tells me silly things that happen.

So Katie's little sister Hailey came into the room in the middle of our lesson yesterday. She had a helmet on and she used a robot voice and said "I'm future Hailey." (: It was SO funny. Then she said the closing prayer in robot/future voice. It was hysterical. That's all.

She sometimes forwards me her letter to the mission president so she doesn't have to write everything twice. That's when I get to hear about all the specific people and if they are learning and accepting her teachings.

A member in our ward invited his neighbor Aledia to church and she really enjoyed it. We are working with her now and she is very intrigued. She is interested to learn more about the Temple and the Book of  Mormon. It is so wonderful to see the members more involved in missionary work and so many members greeted her very warmly at church!

I just love seeing how much she is learning and growing as a missionary! The time really is just flying by. The missions have transfers every 6 weeks and there is one coming up next week.

It's weird. The transfer is ending on Aug 7. By the end of NEXT transfer I will have been out for 6 months. That's weird, right? I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere. I have some ground to stand on and I have learned SOOOOOOOO much. I really really do love being a missionary, Mom. 

What more could a mom ask for?


Anonymous said...

I read your blogs and when you speak of your special angel of a daughter I almost cry..It is wonderful to read her commitment and love of your church and it's teachings, and her mom and dad her love of both and her familia...Like I have written before if more children could go on a mission like your LDS church has there would be no jails full of kids in juvenile facilities..It breaks my heart to know many are tossed aside in their familias and in life, if only they could have a parent and parents like you are Sandy and your husband, loving and loving of the Lord, disciplined and kind hearted, loving your own flesh and blood and nice to all..It would make prisons obsolete indeedy, it warms me up all day to read about TEACH and her mission..I live where there are men missionaries I always wave I ride a bike too, I give them hydration and candy bars when I see them in the summer and hot cocoa when it is winter and cookies, I know it is a personal sacrifice to their parents and they are brave and strong in faith, young too...So I feel they could be my sons and or daughters and treat them like the Lord commands us to do! God's blessings and I am thrilled you get e-mails and letters, the time will pass so quickly and your TEACH will be home quickly in your arms! Ciao!

LeAnn said...

Wow, it doesn't seem like she has been out that long. I love hearing about her mission. I have two girls in our ward that I know well and they just went out a few months ago too. I loved having a missionary in the field. You will receive blessings for it.
The Gospel is so true and it is being spread far and wide by all of these latter day missionaries. It is such a great time to be on a mission.


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