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Aug 26, 2013

Lots of Quilts

We've had a very busy week made all the busier by my refusal to not achieve a goal we set at the beginning of the year. We try to set a major scout goal for one of the kids every year. Last year we helped Princess with her Gold Award when she did the Dance workshop and program.

This year it is Crafty's turn. She is just the right age to earn her Silver Award. We have a tradition in our home that the Silver Award is homemade quilts that are donated to Primary Children's Medical Center.

If you remember, Princess drowned when she was 15 months old and we owe a great debt to Primary Children's for their help in her recovery. Crafty is my 6th daughter to follow this tradition. We had planned to have the Quilting Bee during the summer, but with the older kids in school, we just never had time to pull it together.

Crafty made one of the quilt tops by herself and I made the other 4. Not to be left out, Bossy made a top and she assisted Fajita in her first ever sewing project and she made a top too.

We've had the frames out since Thursday, tying a couple of quilts every day. Since the kids all go back to school tomorrow, we had to hurry to get them done.

In fact, Bossy and I finished tying the last one which was hers after the girls had all gone to bed. It was after 11:00 when we got everything put away and the house back in order.

Fajita's Quilt
Not much goes on when we have batting and fabric and yarn everywhere!

I wanted to show you how pretty the quilts are even though they aren't bound yet. Hopefully they will make somebody really happy.

Somebody loves them already.

Bossy always loves the bright colors!


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