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Aug 12, 2013

Happy 24th Drama Queen

Yesterday was the Drama Queen's 24th birthday. It was also the second year in a row she has let us celebrate with the Girl Scout troop. This has actually happened to her quite often. She has probably shared almost as many of her birthdays doing various things as she has just staying home and having a family party.

I'm thinking it was 8 years ago that we spent several days at the Millcreek Camp with the troop. I'm thinking it was her 17th birthday, but she will have to set me straight if I am wrong.. I know I had a little one with us and that's why we chose Millcreek. Their camp will let anyone come regardless of age, as long as they are paid for. The girl scout camps used to be more lenient, but now they absolutely refuse to let anyone stay over if they aren't registered scouts. They say it like this, "No Tagalongs!" Which is sort of funny since that is one of their best-selling cookies...but I digress...

Those few days we spent at Millcreek were so fun! We had to mostly plan our own activities, so we had a hike, played volleyball, did crafts, and had a big birthday cake. We slept on cots in a cabin and I just snuggled up with three-year-old Sport in the same sleeping bag.  Those were fun and (mostly!) memorable days.

Girls' Camp, Scout Camp, Tuacahn, it seemed like we were always rearranging her birthday, but she has been gracious and happy every time. We celebrated today by serving some of her favorites, Eggplant Parmesan and Chicken Alfredo. I think my sweetie was trying to replicate Bucca Di Beppo, one of her favorite restaurants. She got some fun gifts. We gave her some new shoes, a purse, a rolling pin, and a mortar and pestle. I know, it was a little weird, but she loved it!

But my favorite gift was that our friend, Miles, braved the ladder and changed the battery in that stupid smoke detector.

Happy Birthday, Drama Queen!


LeAnn said...

What a fun birthday post I enjoyed it. Happy Birthday to the Drama Queen.

Denise said...

Hope she really enjoyed her birthday.


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