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Aug 19, 2013

Car Show

Remember a few days ago when Sport's coach taught him a valuable lesson? Well, after that we all piled in the van and my sweetie gave our very tired Sport a choice. He could go home, shower, and get changed for bed, or he could go to a car show.

Sport's response? "Well Duh!"

Ten minutes later we pulled into the parking lot near the car show. on Soda Row in Daybreak. It was a beautiful warm summer evening about 7:30. The show was scheduled until 9:00, so we had plenty of time.

We started looking at cars together, honestly we did. But Sport and my sweetie wanted to read every sign and inspect every car. I just can't get into it like that. After about 10 minutes I was like, "Yeah, it's another beautiful shiny car, let's move on..."

So we left those two to their own devices and we found a distraction of our own. Oh, I forgot to tell you, Burrito split his shorts clear up the backside so Prima Donna found a stray pair of her pajama bottoms kicking around in the van and tied them around his waist to keep out the draft. 

When we first happened upon the little splash pad, there were only 2 wee ones wandering through it. I sat down on a bench nearby and told  the kids, "No, we aren't getting wet today. Nobody has any extra clothing." They minded me...

...for about 30 seconds.!"

While my sweetie and Sport puttered around to each and every car, I got to enjoy this! There is just something about pure unadulterated joy.

Much better than the car show, in my humble opinion.


Denise said...

Thanks for sharing.

LeAnn said...

This was a fun one. You always have the greatest of adventures.
Blessings and hugs!

Diana Hayes said...

Watching your children play and be happy is definitely more fun than a car show. I would be with you on that bench watching my own two children play in the water while my husband walked around looking at the cars. I couldn't care less about cars. If it runs and can get me from point A to point B, great!

Diana Hayes @ Baldwin Subaru


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