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Aug 30, 2013

Letters from Texas

Teach and Sister Lewis and some random sign guy...
We got more news from Teach this week. She is doing well in almost everything although she does have one problem...well, here, I will let her tell you about it.

Oh, my bike tire popped on Friday! I ran over a safety pin. We have to buy a ... tube? for it? I know absolutely nothing about bikes. But I'm going to do that in a little bit here. 
How did that happen? When the Dog Walker earned the Cycling badge I thought we all went through bike repair, but I guess Teach was absent that day. But she has learned some amazing things!

Things are going well here. I have learned SO much about faith and repentance. I never knew that there were so many things I could feel the need to repent about. It's an hourly thing, but it's different as a missionary. I was thinking about life when I get back home... I wonder if I'll be able to be different and keep the good changes but still be myself. It'll be interesting, yeah. I like the knowledge that I've gained and I've been able to recognize the Lord's hand in every aspect of everything and it is so humbling. 
She is learning to set goals and achieve them, although she has always been a goal setter, that is why she was the youngest student to graduate with her degree in Elementary Education from UVU in 2012. She was only 20.
We're focusing on having the best week we've had together.  We have goals to run a mile each morning, to update the area book every night. To talk to at least 12 new people whether tracting or contacting, and to do role plays daily. I am excited. Sometimes I forget that I know how to reach goals and I just don't push myself hard enough. 
She is so excited about several things, but I will let her tell you about them. (The no-letter for mom thing was a little disappointing, but her enthusiasm is contagious so I guess I'll be OK.)
SOOO! We are going to the temple on Wednesday the 4th so that will be our p-day for next week. (: So I won't be on/sending emails on Monday. It's Labor Day anyway so it works out well.
ANDDDDD on Wednesday Sept 11 Elder Neil L Anderson of the 12 APOSTLES is coming to TEXAS!!! (: We're pretty stinkin' excited about that. (: (: We think maybe it'll be the introduction to technology in the Fort Worth mission. (: (:
Exciting things are happening around here, Mom. I love being a part of this work. I love feeling the Spirit daily and I love teaching Texans. I love you. 
I love you too, Teach.


LeAnn said...

I always love to read thoughts about your missionary. It bring back memories of receiving those letters are emails. You always see such amazing growth.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing human being and missionary. Full of her faith and love of God, she misses her mamma but will come home a completely changed human being...Why can't other parents let their daughters and sons do missionary work like you of your faith?????????? It would completely change their childrens lives, they will be guided daily by God and serve Him the rest of their lives..always relying upon Him for major and minor decisions, to say nothing of living a Godly loving life!!!!!!! God's Blessing to Teach and to you and your Hubs and children..What an amazing daughter!X()

Denise said...

Enjoy your holiday weekend.


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