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Aug 28, 2013

Tired of Hot Dogs!

I love a good hot dog! I can eat one cooked in the microwave, but I won't enjoy it much. My mom used to cook them on the stove in boiling water. As a kid, I didn't know anything else, so I ate them along with pretty much everything else I was served. I've never really been a picky eater.

I remember vividly, driving 60 miles or so to buy groceries to stock up on because they were cheaper than what could be bought in our hometown. Dad could have bought us all 10-cent hot dogs or 15-cent ham sandwiches at Reams, but instead Mom brought a gallon thermos full of hot water and hot dogs that we would eat at the park. It must have been cheaper, because my mom was very frugal. It was definitely not my favorite way to eat hot dogs, but at least we were always fed.

My sweetie can cook an amazing hot dog out on the grill! He gets them just to the point where he says they are "singing" when the skins pop and the outsides are seared black... That's my favorite way. Most of the time I don't even add anything to it, no ketchup or mustard or anything. And there is nothing better than a couple of those when we are camping in the mountains!

But today I'm tired of hot dogs. We have eaten so many of them over the last couple of weeks, I've even reached my limit. (My sweetie reached his over a week ago!) Hot dogs are my go-to meal in the summer. They are cheap and they are fast, and none of the kids complain when I serve them. So even before the past week or so we had been eating them a couple of times a week. Then we had the Girl Scout Awards Picnic.

My sweetie grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, but we had a couple of families that didn't show up so we had too much food. That was last Friday. We had leftovers on Saturday and Sunday. On Monday we got a break because Princess offered to cook something else. Then tonight was the family summer picnic for Pack Meeting. Once again my sweetie hauled his grill over to the church bowery and cooked a bunch of dogs and burgers. Unfortunately the weather was a little dicey and it seemed to keep some people away. So guess what!? I brought home a whole package of 40 more hot dogs that I will have to write off my receipt. That means I paid for them so my kids get to eat them.

But not until AT LEAST next week!


Marci said...

If I lived close to you I would buy them off you so you didn't have to eat them! We're buying a ton of hot dogs for the first BYU football game which is Saturday. We're having 10 people over to watch it with us, and I think we'll need a ton of dogs!

Hope you get a break from hot dogs soon!

Shell said...

I only like them from the grill!

My boys will eat them in any form, though.

Anonymous said...

Eating too much hot dogs is not good for one's health, we only buy Hebrew National and at that the low fat kind and I boil them til they burst, but we don't eat them all the time, nitrates are not good for kids and adults, they are loaded with nitrates, cheap but really cheap and harmful on the body, can't people bring cheese sammies to events, and keep the hot doggies away? Cheese the real kind is good for a person and nutritious, most seem to be able to eat cheese! just saying!!!!!!!!!

JanetGoingCrazy said...

Chop them up and make beanie weenies! ;)

Denise said...

I hate hotdogs.

Messy Musings said...

ooohhhh... I haven't had a hot dog in almost 2-years now! sounds pretty good to me after reading about them. my fav way is to slice them open (not all the way through) and cook in a cast iron frying pan! although grilled sounds good - except I don't have a grill.


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