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Aug 27, 2013

Another First Day of School

I told you my younger kids started school way back in July, but today was the first real day of school for Crafty, Prima Donna, and Princess. It's hard to believe where all the time has gone! I've had 7 children pass through middle school now. Crafty is #8. That's way more than halfway.

Princess and Prima Donna left for school first and it was Princess's first time driving herself to school. She was pretty nervous, but she came home safe and without any dents or scrapes. (Although she does drive a 1988 Toyota Corolla, so it might have been hard to tell!)The high school is less than a mile from here, so I could have them walk, but I want her to be a more confident and careful driver and that means lots of practice, so she is driving to school.

Prima Donna
Crafty left a little later. She is part of a carpool and I only have to drive twice a week which is nice. She actually went to school for 7th grade orientation last Thursday, but they only stayed for half a day just so they could all figure out how to get around the school with a third less population.

I'm all for education, but I'm still a little sad to have them all go back. The Dog Walker had classes today too, so after we dropped Curly off for kindergarten we just had me and Baby Doll to run the rest of the errands. It was a little weird.

I don't know what I will do with myself when all the kids are finally in school. I figure it will take me about a month to get my house cleaned and then another couple of months to finish up the projects I keep putting on the back burner, but THEN I'm going to have to find something to keep me occupied.

Any suggestions?


Denise said...

Praying everyone is blessed with a successful school year.

mommeeof10 said...

You could go back to work, but only if you want to.


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