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Aug 18, 2013

Guest Blog: Studio C! by Prima Donna

The other day in church we were listening to announcments when my young women's leader said that our Stake President had 20 tickets to see a live taping of Studio C!  I almost started crying I was so happy.  Studio C is a sketch comedy by byutv and is my favorite show ever!  Its clean and so funny.  I have watched every sketch every made.  Anyway, back to the taping.  So I had to wait through the longest 2 weeks of my life with lots of sucking up so Mom didn't tell me I couldn't go. Then today arrived.  Do you remember the part in Tangled where Rapunzel is about to see the floating lights go into the sky and she's worried it won't be good enough?  That conversation between her and Eugene has been running through my head all day because this really is a dream come true.  I was counting down days, hours, and minutes until it started.  We had to get to the BYU broadcasting center over an hour early.  We then had to stand in the lobby for 15 minutes before they let us line up to go in.  Then after the longest half hour wait I have ever experienced we got to go in.  I was dying.  I could not believe I was there in the studio!  We sat down and partied out to music they were playing.  I noticed I never told you who "we" was. I went along with Princess, Drama Queen, Crafty and the Dog Walker.  I was by far the biggest fan out of our group.  After another half hour wait the show was ready to start and out walked one of my favorite cast members, Stacey.  At this point I was hyperventilating.  He then taught us how to cheer because we were the live laugh reel.  He had us go from 1 (pitiful) to 10 (the happiest you can possibly be.)  When he yelled 10 the rest of the cast came running out.  I couldn't breathe I was so excited I really thought I was going to have a heart attack I was so excited.  I don't know how much I'm allowed to tell.  So I won't tell you about any of the sketches except that they were all AMAZING!!!!  So I'll just tell you a little bit about the general experience.  The studio is split into two stages so while they are filming one sketch they can be setting up the other one.  Still they have to make sure everything is perfect so during scene changes they showed us some of the sketches for season 3 no one has seen yet.  It was so cool!  Y'all should watch it next season because it is going to be indescribably awesome!  Besides these preview sketches between scene changes they would play games and throw out free t-shirts.  Drama Queen caught one!!! and she gave it to me (sorta.  It fits me perfectly so...) How much better of a day can you get than that?  If you haven't seen any of their sketches you need to right now.  I tell you they are the funniest things I've ever seen.  If you don't know how to find them there are many ways.
You can search #studio c
You can follow them on facebook at Studio C Tv
If you trust my awesome opinion and you don't need to learn anymore and you want to watch it right now.  You can look them up on youtube and they are all amazing so just pick one and start going
or if you want to watch full episodes you can go to byutv.org

Or you can just click on this one!

This new season should be airing in October/November somewhere around there and you should really tune in.  It's on Monday nights at 10et/8mt. I know I will be.  I'm so hyped for Season 3.

I don't know about you, but for me August 17, 2013 was the Best Day Ever!

**Just so you know I wasn't given anything to write this post I'm just trying to spread the happiness that this show brings to me.**


Marci said...

I love studio c!! I also love divine comedy, which several of the actors used to be in. Oh I remember the days, lining up hours in advance for a divine comedy show in byu campus. Chris and I actually got engaged right after a DC show! Oh fun memories!

Denise said...

Nice guest post.

LeAnn said...

I loved your writing of this awesome experience. You are an excellent writer. I will diffidently check out Studio C. Your enthusiasm sold me.


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