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Aug 11, 2013

Girl Scouts Love Tuacahn

Last January when we were setting goals for what we wanted to do with our cookie money, every voice agreed that the thing they really wanted to do was go back to Tuacahn! They loved our trip last year when we went to the outdoor theater and saw Aladdin.

When I started looking at the plays, I noticed that the outdoor theater was playing Mary Poppins this year, but the indoor theater was doing Mulan. Again, I gave the girls a choice and what do you think they chose? Mulan, of course!

I was worried that they might be disappointed with the smaller stage and the shorter show, but they loved it! I loved it.

Traveling with a bunch of Girl Scouts is an interesting thing. I've told you before that I am constantly on the lookout for relationship issues and problems with my kids, and I do the same thing with the scouts. Sometimes we have trouble and sometimes not, but it's always exciting.

We left on Friday afternoon as soon as the kids got home from school. 

Crafty was riding in a different vehicle and her group went down in the morning. My 12-passenger van was full, but most of the seats were taken by my own family. We left Sport behind with Bossy so he wouldn't miss football, but we had everyone else with us.

We ran into a bunch of showers in Utah County and that put us behind. By the time we reached Beaver, we made a 10-minute pit stop for gas and potties. My sweetie was worried that we wouldn't have time to feed the girls before we left for the play, so I called Dominoes and arranged for them to drop the pizzas at the hotel main desk until we got there.

We literally had 20 minutes to eat before we ended up back in the van and on our way to the show. My sweetie kept Curly and Baby Doll with him at the hotel. We met up with Crafty's group, but the two other vehicles also got caught in the storm and the girls all ended up coming in late.

After the show we headed back to the hotel and did a little late swimming. The girls played games and watched TV until all hours, but my sweetie and I called it a day about 1:00 AM. We were up again at 8:30 for the free breakfast and another swim before we had to check out.

We met up in Beaver about 1:00 and had lunch and then we made our way to the Fremont Indian State Park. After touring the museum, we took a couple of short hikes before climbing back in the van. We got home about 7:00 and dropped off all the girls.

Since we have made this trip two years in a row that means it's a tradition now, right??


1 comment:

LeAnn said...

I must say this is a great tradition and you should keep it. I loved reading about this adventure. You do some really fun things with your kids and others also.


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