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Aug 6, 2013

More Reading Rewards

For Family Home Evening tonight we took all the kids to the library to turn in their summer reading program forms. They love this one because they get a free book!

We got there about 7:30 since we had to wait for Sport to get home from football practice. My sweetie was still at work, so it was just me and 8 kids. We approached the customer service desk and plunked down our stack of papers. I'm not sure the librarian was used to dealing with so many at once because she said, "Let's start with the little kids first." I gathered up all the others and patiently waited for her to process the first four.

Baby Doll chose a little board book out of the box and then was presented with a certificate that would get her into the Museum of Natural History for free, an Applebee's free kids meal coupon, a voucher for a Grizzlies Hockey game ticket, and a coupon for Menchie's. The kids just love that place although we can rarely afford their ice cream without their very generous coupons.

The other kids were all presented with pretty much the same things and then we were allowed into the "free book" room. This is a tiny room with three tables piled with brand new books. Most of them are paperbacks, but some are rather expensive hard covers. Of course the kids had to go through every book in the room before they made their decisions. Baby Doll traded her board book for something a little more grown up. (She is almost 3, after all.)

Sport and Scout were the slowest to choose, but they both eventually made a decision. My sweetie arrived from work just in time to meet us at Menchie's which is just around the corner from the library. We just had to cash those free coupons right away.

All that loot for just doing something we love to do anyway...


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

We did the reading program this summer too. They have such great prizes.

LeAnn said...

Awesome; you are all amazing. I think reading is so important and this is a very fun way to do it and the prizes are the best.
Blessings and hugs!


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