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Aug 5, 2013

Playing the Day Away

You probably think all we do is play around here...and lately you might be right! I think my sweetie and I are feeling a little bad for the kids and their 3-week summer. It's almost like they didn't have any time off at all. So we have been spending our Saturdays (and sometimes Fridays!) looking for fun activities.

We got up Saturday morning and after dropping Sport at football practice, we made our way to Chick Fil A. (You know I love that place!) They were doing one of our favorite activities, a bike/scooter rodeo and participants with a helmet were given a free 3-ct chicken minis. It's really hard for me to resist a free breakfast.

After the kids rode the track several times, we went inside and got breakfast. I had a few other coupons and we ended up paying just over 5 bucks to feed 8 of us. (Someday I'm going to run out of my good coupons.) We hung around for a while, just waiting to pick up Sport at 11:00. The kids love playing in their play place, but Baby Doll is deathly afraid of the "cow" mascot.

It's so cold, Mom!
We got to the park just before 11:00, but Sport's practice went over by about ten minutes. I was stressing because I knew we only had until noon to get over to Home Depot and complete our kits. It turned out that we had plenty of time. The kids were even able to paint their little trucks before they added wheels and stickers.

Then it was back to the house for lunch and a quick clean up of bedrooms. (We couldn't play ALL day!) About 3:00 we piled all the kids back into the van (except Princess and Prima Donna who were still at camp) and headed for another splashpad. Herriman City has a couple of them and we had never been out there even though it's not very far.

The kids were prepared this time and they put on their swimsuits and sunscreen before we left. The first splashpad was really cold! Baby Doll didn't really even get wet in the hour we were there. She would get close to the spray and then just run back to us. The kids spent most of their time watching a family reunion and their huge slip-and-slide down the hill.

So we loaded them back up and drove the short distance to the second splashpad. It was warmer and much more fun. The kids played together and enjoyed the water. The Dog Walker loved standing over one of the holes until the spray came back up and hit him in the face. My sweetie snapped a couple hundred pictures and it was so hard to choose what to show you.

Thank goodness we still have a few more Saturdays before the football games begin. It might not be summer, but it's real close...

What happened to the water?
Maybe we should find a real tree to climb.


LeAnn said...

Another fun activity and the pictures are awesome. I have 7 grandkids coming this week so maybe I will take them out to these water parks.

Marci said...

I can't wait for Emma to be big enough for a splash pad, our sea world has one in the kids area and I want to go to it! I'll let her stay little for a while though, I don't want her to grow up too fast!


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