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Jul 31, 2013

First Day of School

We really do use plates around here...
Remember I told you that school started last week for my elementary-aged kids? Prima Donna got up early and made them these cute chocolate chip pancakes to celebrate the fact that Sport is now a 5th grader and Scout is in 2nd. And my little Curly is starting kindergarten. How did that happen?

He is only 4 years old (at least for a couple more weeks). It's going to be weird to have only one pre-schooler around here. We have been trying to potty train Baby Doll. Yesterday I threw out one of my baby car seats. I have had it for a while. OK, it's been around here since Teach was a baby, but I just loved the way it was so easy to click the baby into. I used to have two of them that were just the same. We bought them for Drama Queen and Teach. They are truly the best car seats I've had in all these years. Of course, we didn't really even have a car seat for Bossy. Can you believe I'm old enough to remember being a mom during the days when car seats weren't required?

I don't remember my parents ever having car seats for any of us. We used to crawl all over the back seat and fight and play games and trade seats...

My parents had this old yellow station wagon that my dad bought from somebody he worked with at the school. It was pretty weird. It had the two regular bench seats in the front and then the back laid flat or else opened up for a few more seats. Some of them were actually seated backwards (I never could ride in them because of my carsick problem.) But when the back seat was up, there was a little space between the backs of the two seats. Mom used to put groceries in that area. In my childhood brain it was probably about 15" across. I specifically remember my little brother sleeping in that space on the way home from a trip. He was probably about the same age as Curly is now.

Life certainly has changed in 35 years.

For all of us.

PS AAA is doing a free car seat inspection tomorrow in Murray for those of you who live in Utah. The address is 5207 So. State from 9:30 - 11:30.

I'm pretty sure my old car seat would never have passed. That's why it hit the dumpster instead of being donated somewhere.


It's a Wonderful Life said...

I think your daughter went to the temple with Alyssa and us. Our kids used to go to the same elementary. I am going to ask if they know your children. :)

Cindy said...

My parents had a sedan when I was growing up. There was one bench seat in the front and one in the back with a space up top by the back window where the car speakers were. I remember curling up in that space and riding up there! Can you imagine that happening now?!

LeAnn said...

It is so strange to have children starting school. I don't know if I would have liked year around school. I like the lazy days of summer.
We of course didn't have car seats for our children growing up. When they were finally in and required I found it was so time consuming getting grandchildren in and out of them. I do believe in the thought.
Fun post and blessings to all!


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