Jul 22, 2013

More News From Teach in Texas

I'm not sure what has been going on with Teach's email account, but I didn't get a letter from her on the 8th, so I was very excited to get two of them on the 15th. She says she sent one, but it didn't show up here. She just loves being a missionary! The weather in Texas is totally different from what she is used to, but it looks like they are finally figuring it out.
From 2009 - Think she knew it would be Texas?
First of all. It is raining SOOOO much. (: Basically monsoon season out here. I get to drive in it. but earlier this week we got caught biking in the storm. We were soaked but so very happy because it cooled us off. If I ever live in Texas not as a missionary I'm TOTALLY buying a pool because it's basically the only way to cool off around here. We splashed in the puddles too and I've worn my boots two days in a row now. (: It's so so great.

It is so fun to watch her learn and grow and figure things out on her own. I love that about watching my kids grow up and take control of their own lives both in a spiritual sense and in a literal sense. Since most of us struggle with proper diet and weight here, I was glad to hear this story from her.

One more cool thing. So I have been studying the Word of Wisdom lately and I've been trying to be a better soul - you know just in general - and I realized that there were parts of the WOW that I'm not really living. Veggies, fruits, grains, meat sparingly etc. I was praying and trying to figure out a way to follow and live the WOW more fully while not blowing all of my money on fresh produce because our money is VERY limited. I have been praying and trying to avoid sugary stuff... it's hard. But I kept praying for... 3 days in a row. On Saturday night a member called us out of the blue and said she had a casserole for us. (: We went over to pick it up and not only a casserole but she had veggies, and apples and water mix stuff. (: (: It was SUCH an answer to prayer that I couldn't even contain it. I was so grateful because the Lord just blesses us in such simple ways when we try to live his commandments more fully. 
 I don't believe I have ever had an experience like this one, but I think it's awesome that sometimes the words she speaks are not her own words.

We had a few awesome opportunities when we were teaching this week to really let the spirit guide the lesson. One point during a lesson I opened my mouth and literally I was surprised by the words that came out of my mouth. But it opened the door for a discussion about the Word of Wisdom that this recent convert needed to have happen. It's just so cool to feel worthy and able to have that happen. 

Pre-Missionary Days
I still get to hear from her pretty much every Monday although now it is just one email and I have to be happy with that. Her Mission President has asked that they not spend their half-hour online doing an e-chat even with her mom. It was hard at first. I almost felt like I lost her all over again, but I'm good with it now. I want her to be obedient so she is the best missionary she can be. And as she said in her last letter...

I'm 2/9 done with my mission. Odd.

I can hardly wait to have her back home.

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LeAnn said...

There is nothing quite like receiving a letter or email from your missionary. I waited for my husband while he served his two year mission and we sent 4 of our children on missions. I loved he letters. It is awesome that you can now do emails. When I was the Nurse for the Washington Spokane Mission I found out that the missionaries do love a hand written letter every once in a while. Just thought I'd share that thought.
Loved this one and keep on enjoying those email moments.