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Jul 30, 2013

Guest Blog: Steamfest by Drama Queen

So Prima Donna is a complete history buff.  For her birthday, I bought a ticket for her to come with me to this special steam-punk convention that was being held at the Davis Convention Center.  Steampunk is a fantasy culture that is Neo-Victorian where the technology stays steam-powered or clockwork (Think of movies like Wild, Wild West, Sherlock Holmes, Hugo, or Howl’s Moving Castle, or any book by H.P. Lovecraft.)  Of course, once Prima Donna and I got talking about it, we decided to see if we could still order tickets for Princess and Crafty.  Thank goodness, they had reopened registration!

Because of the girl scout swim party, we didn’t get to leave on Friday until pretty late in the day.  It was pretty awesome though to wander around and see all the cool costumes.  We saw everything from angels to Disney princesses and a man in a striped Victorian-style swimsuit.  That first night we went to a panel that taught us all about how to communicate and flirt using just our fan or hat or gloves.  We also sat in on a question-and-answer panel with a local ghost-hunter.  I think our favorite panel, though involved us being read Steampunk Children books and doing yoga.  (I wasn’t brave enough, but the girls got an impressive amount of bending in around those corsets!)

I think the yoga scared Crafty out of her corset, because the next morning she left it home.  Saturday was crazy-long!  We headed off just after nine and didn’t get home til after midnight.  We started out the day exploring the halls.  We found lots of fun stuff for sale, some musicians performing, and even live birds!  We went to several panels including more etiquette, and the manly view on steampunk, and budgeting short films (that was my favorite).  We also learned two new dances  - the Heel-Toe Polka and the Guilderoy.  It was so difficult to dance in corsets!  I was super impressed with the girls. 

We ate lunch in the car, but then ran over to the nearby Target so that I could get some cash back.  We got a lot of funny looks, but it was pretty exciting.  Dinner was the same thing: lots of questioning looks, but we simply basked in it.

For a moment we didn't think we were going to dance
 at the ball and Crafty was heartbroken
Throughout the whole weekend, the girls had this family of boys that they had their eyes on.  (Mom’s done really good on instilling the flirtation mode on them.)  Sadly, none of them really managed to talk much.  However, I had a plan.  See…the final event was a ball.  There was one boy…and Princess really wanted to ask him to dance.  By the second-to-last song, she still hadn’t gotten the guts up.  His whole family was sitting simply watching the performance so I slipped over and tapped him on the shoulder.  After softly explaining the situation, he hopped up without hesitation and zoomed right over to her side.  They looked adorable dancing together.  But then, like Cinderella, we darted away before the clock struck midnight…

Well, we did need to make sure we made it to Menchie’s before they closed!


Sara Bell- The Traveling PhoBlogWriPher said...

Wow, this sounds so fun! I've never heard of anything like it.

BUT I think I would pass on the corset yoga!

kirsten said...

Hi, Sandy - yup, I've been to your blog before!
What a fun outing for the girls - our friends went and had a photography booth there, sounds awesome.

LeAnn said...

I loved your post Drama Queen. You are an excellent writer. What a fun event and I love all the neat things you did. You are diffidently an awesome sister.
The pictures were amazing and I didn't have a clue there was any kind of an event like this.
Blessings and hugs to all!


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