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Jul 13, 2013

Cow Day

Cow Day was awesome!

We pulled out all the cow shorts and I have to tell you, most of our little shorts are just getting too small. I'm going to have to keep my eye out for more fabric. But since half the kids were not here today, we managed to make it work.

My sweetie has Fridays off, and he joined us in the fun. Oh, he groused a little, but I think he enjoyed being the alpha male with his redesigned Viking hat turned into black Angus horns. We set out about 10:00 for breakfast. It was just so easy! We walked to the counter, ordered whatever we wanted, and then sent the kids to the playplace.

Within minutes we had a nice hot breakfast, all for free.

When we were finished eating, the kids went to the craft table to make cute little cow puppets. We even saw some friends there from our street...dressed as cows, of course.

I love Chick Fil A. I had no idea they were such a huge part of the community until we had one in our own neighborhood.

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