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Jul 19, 2013

Book Club

I love reading! When I was a kid we used to check out books by the boxful from the Bookmobile which was kind of a mobile library that showed up in our small town every couple of weeks. It was not uncommon for me to read 50 chapter books in those two weeks. I specifically remember when I was about 10 coming home from the Bookmobile with enough books to carpet my bedroom floor.

Those were the days when I had all the time in the world to read.

Now my reading is a few snatches here and there. If we are traveling I choose a book or two to read aloud to my sweetie. That is something we have really come to enjoy over the last few years. We have also had an on again, off again book club. We usually start it the first of summer and by the time school starts we are wrapping it up. We have tried to keep it going during the school year, but everybody has so many different things going on, it just doesn't happen.

Back around the first part of the year, Bossy dropped a stack of 50-cent books on my desk and announced, "These are for book club!" She had chosen "Holes" by Louis Sachar. My kids had seen the movie years ago and enjoyed it, but as far as I know, none of them have read the book.

Prima Donna is ALWAYS reading!
Normally we have limited the book club to adult/teenage readers. Like we read "The Help," "Ender's Game," you get the idea. This was definitely a change, but Bossy wanted her boys to be able to participate with her. So last night I read the first four chapters to my captive audience that included Sport, Scout, Curly, Baby Doll, and the Dog Walker.

I say captive because they really were. We have been trying to have a backyard camp out since Monday. The problem is that we can't seem to get the evening rains to stop here. Finally last night it seemed clear enough that we headed for the tent around 11:30. I know, it was late, but I had basketball until almost 11:00 and the kids didn't want to be out there by themselves.

When Curly was still curly...
But then they couldn't settle down to sleep, so Holes was the perfect answer. I love reading to the kids, and as they have gotten older, the books just get a little longer. We participate in all the summer reading programs we can find as well as the Beehive contest and the EBOB reading contest put on by the PTA at our school. I want my kids to love to read and though we have had a few that were harder to convince than others, now everyone from Scout and up loves to read.

I'm looking forward to Curly starting Kindergarten next week so he can continue the journey to become a reader. But I'll still take the time to read to him and to all the others too including my sweetie. It gives me a good excuse



Natalie Ockey said...

Rah-rah for bookclubs! Did you know mine is having it's 10 year anniversary this month? We've read over 100 books, too!

Keep it up!


LeAnn said...

I like you love books. I always have two or three books that I am working on. I loved to read a good novel and it is sometimes frustrating because I can't find a moment to read.
You do so many fun things with your cute family and this one was an awesome one.


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