Jul 6, 2018

Guest Blog: Smile Brilliantly by Drama Queen

Hi Blog World!  I know, it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from the Drama Queen, but this is a kinda special blogpost.  Momma, a month or two ago, asked if I wanted to do a promotion blog for her. I usually resist such offers: it can be a lot of pressure!  But this time, I couldn’t help agreeing because it was for a teeth whitening system by Smile Brilliant.  As you can tell by my lovely “before” pics, I was in sore need of it.    I’ve tried some whitening toothpastes before but a lifetime addiction to Dr. Pepper’s sweet caramel coloring means minimal success.  So with some brave trepidation, I opened the box.

I’ve gotta say, it was pretty cool.  In order to make it super personalized and thus super effective, Smile Brilliant had me start by making little impressions of my teeth.  I was kinda worried about messing it up, to be honest, but Smile Brilliant was super smart and included a great tutorial with lots of pictures for us visual learners.  Armed with that, I did perfectly! After they sat for a bit to harden, I mailed the impressions off and pretty soon got my trays back. It was time to bleach! My kit had the bleach stuff in these handy-dandy little syringes that made it easy to distribute the bleach.  Wearing the trays definitely took some getting used to. I didn’t really figure out how to talk while wearing them until about the fourth time. Somewhere in my phone there is a silly video of my lisping horribly as I try to explain why I can’t talk. It’s kinda funny.

After bleaching, you are then supposed to apply some desensitizing gel.  That was always the weirdest part because it legit felt like putting hair gel on your teeth.  It must have been doing it’s job though, because I didn’t personally experience any kind of teeth sensitivity.  To be totally honest though, there was one week where the tops of the trays rubbed badly on my gums enough that they actually bled a bit.  I took a break for a bit at that point, but when I went back it seemed to be okay again. 

Probably the hardest part for me was the consistency it required.  Smile Brilliant recommended bleaching every other day, and every day if possible always right before bed.  But bleaching takes a full hour at least and up to three hours if you want super shiny results.  I’ll be totally up front and say I was not that good. BUT..look at how much improvement I DID get out of them even being less than perfect!  If Princess had done this, she would likely be able to light up the night sky with her pearly whites. (Just teasing you, Princess!) I am super pleased by how much better they look, though!  I keep taking snapchat selfies just to admire my little teeth soldiers. And I feel way better about wearing bright lipstick. It’s been a fun self-esteem boost and a great way to launch into summer.  

Anyways,  I would say the Smile Brilliant whitening system was definitely worth the investment of time, even for a naturally lazy person like me.  I am very happy with my new almost-pearly teeth, and I am definitely going to consider ordering a few more syringes so I can keep moving up the gradient.  My thanks to all the awesome Smile Brilliant people!

And of course we have a coupon code and giveaway opportunity for you! For your 20% off, go to www.smilebrilliant.com/g/twelvemakesadozen and enter coupon code: twelvemakesadozen20

- The giveaway is for a $149 Smile Brilliant credit. It is open for 1 week (7 days after blog post date) and open to USA, UK, Australia and Canadian residents.
 **We received the Smile Brilliant whitening system for our open and honest review.**


kristine barr said...

Boy what a nice difference! I can't use it though. I have a crown on my front tooth, and the dentist says it will never change color. It is matched to the color of my other teeth.

LeAnn said...

Way to go Drama Queen! I loved your review on the Smile Brilliantly product. It appears that it is a good one. I am happy that you were able tobe successful in doing it. I will look in to it. Thanks for the link and discount code. Blessings and hugs for you!

mylondondentist said...

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