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Jul 6, 2017

Update on Sweetie's Foot

Remember a couple of days ago I told you about my sweetie's foot? I just thought you might be interested in an update.

So he was given that flat shoe to wear on July 3rd. Then over the course of the day on the 4th and up through this morning on the 5th, he kept telling me the pain was just getting worse, so I finally called and made him an appointment with a sports medicine doctor.

After checking out his foot, the doc changed the diagnosis to recent break (last Saturday) and totally got rid of  that silly flat thing in favor of a large boot that will actually protect my sweetie's foot. He has to wear it 4 full weeks before he has a new X-ray to make sure it is healing properly.

Then we reevaluate again.

Life is never boring around here.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

I'm so happy that you took your hubby in for the increased pain in his foot. The treatment sounds like a good one and it won't be fore two long. Sending loving thoughts and hugs your way for both of you!


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