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Jul 13, 2017

Cherry Hill Resort in Kaysville, Utah

Last Saturday, Bossy and I took the kids to Cherry Hill. It has taken me this long to recover; we had SO much fun!!

My sweetie and I had originally planned this trip together when US Family Guides approached us about a post if we would be willing to provide our open and honest review. Then he broke his foot and decided he would stay home. Bossy, Taco, and Burrito were happy to join us and the folks at Cherry Hill were so generous with their passes.

My favorite part about Cherry Hill was that everyone was so friendly. It was definitely a family atmosphere, with hundreds of children and young parents. Then after a while, most of those families gathered up and left. The dynamic changed a bit and we saw more teens, but they were just as nice and fun to be around as the little ones.

Let's start at the beginning. Bossy drove us up there in our big van. It was a Saturday around 1:00, so we were worried that we wouldn't be able to park and it would be terribly busy. Neither of these things turned out to be a problem. Parking was free and there were plenty of spaces. We loaded up our cooler with sandwiches and water bottles, slathered on the sunscreen, and walked the hundred or so yards to the entrance.

We found a place to stash our towels and cooler and stuff under a large shady tree. Our first stop was the lazy river and the kids loved it! Every 45 minutes they have a "shootout" and water comes from the sides and overhead. Tubes are also free and pretty easy to find.

They have a brand new slide for kids called the Little Dipper. All of our kids just had to try it, even Sport and Crafty. It was fun, but definitely not nearly as fun as the Double Dragons. The kids convinced Bossy and me that we could try this slide since they had pads to sit on. We decided to give it a go. After the first time down, we climbed right back into the line and rode several more times. It was my favorite part of the park.

After successfully tackling the Dragons, we decided the River Run wasn't much of a stretch, so we got in line. At first the line seemed incredibly long, but it moved fast and soon we were approaching the entrance. I was nervous since it was difficult for me to climb onto a round tube, but the girl in charge was patient and willing to holding the tube while I climbed on. The River allows you to hold onto each other in a chain of up to 3 tubes, but that made it nearly impossible for us to get through some of the narrow passes.

Like the Dragons, when we got to the bottom, we hopped back into line and eventually made 3 trips down. Sport and Crafty and I decided to try our hand at miniature golf. It was a super fun course and other than the spotty shade from the trees, we enjoyed it very much. It was certainly one of the best mini courses I have ever played.

We finally changed out of our wet things and decided to check out the maze and rock wall. Most of the kids got all the way up the wall. It was challenging but still possible. The maze was fun, with a possible escape under the panels which was nice since I tend to be claustrophobic. The kids were a bit disappointed with the trampoline basketball. The balls are really giant beanbags and you don't actually play with other people.

One of my favorite parts was the Battlestar Blasters. Sadly, 3 of the guns were not working that day, so that severely limited our fun, but the graphics and just the plain old fun of boys against the girls and pelting Curly with dozens of little balls was so worth it!

We left as the light was fading with my kids already asking when we could return. I loved the slower pace here and the family atmosphere. Next time I'm going to set up my tent in the campground and make it an over-nighter.

**We received free passes to attend the park in exchange for our open and honest review.**

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LeAnn said...

Oh my, I did love your description of the Cherry Hill Resort. It has been about 18 years since we have been there and I can tell it has changed dramatically. I think we will encourage our families to try this again. I loved all of the activities that you did. Blessings for showing me your good times. Hugs~


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