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Jul 2, 2017

Taylorsville Dayzz

Crafty is taking the music class at SLCC and she has to see 5 concerts this summer, so when Taylorsville Dayzz announced they were doing the Utah Symphony with cannons and the Beatles Imagine group, we were all over it. My sweetie was hard at work at Drama Queen's house, so Grandpa and I just took all the younger kids.

The concert started shortly after we got there, but by the time the cannons were fired, there were tons more people filling up the grass. We had a shady spot under a tree and we would have been comfortable except that the kids kept crowding me. A whole expanse of lawn and at 3 blankets and they all want to sit right on top of me!

I enjoyed the concert more than they did, and I had to keep shushing them during my favorite Beatles songs. When the concert was finally over just before 9:00, they did the craziest thing... fireworks while it was still light outside!

I have never seen fireworks against a light blue sky, but it sort of worked. The strangest part was the falling debris. We were fairly close to where they were shooting them off and there were hundreds of small pieces of cardboard landing all around us. At first we thought they were ash and that worried us until the kids took a closer look. Some were about an inch square and others were much smaller.

We had thought to stay for the movie in the park, but the kids had not really dressed for it to get cooler, so after they practiced their High School Musical jump, we headed for the car. A quick stop for ice cream finished up our fun evening in style


LeAnn said...

Loved the photos and especially the jump one! It looks like another fun adventure. I imagine the music was lovely. I cna't imagine fireworks in the light; strange. Happy you could enjoy this fun outing! Blessings and hugs!

Natalie Ockey said...

By the way, it's the "Beatles." It's a joke. You know, The Beat of the music. The Beatles... Anyway.


Mom of 12 said...

Thank you, little brother, for pointing out my error. Usually I take the time to google stuff like that.


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