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Jul 11, 2017

Life Always Changes

It's been a rough couple of days for us. Today Chips and Salsa were given to a new family. It was difficult to let them go, but when it came right down to it, Bossy and Gamer really had no choice. Their new mom picked them up at 11:30 and zoomed out of the parking lot without a second look back. Gamer didn't even get a chance to hug them. It's hard enough for us; I can't even imagine the pain they are going through.


On a bit happier note, we got Baby Doll and Scout off to Girl Scout camp this morning. Their cute cousin, Sam, joined them and the three of them look all ready for their wild west week. You can't seem them very well, but Drama Queen spent hours braiding their hair into dozens of tiny braids.

We also got to see Prima Donna for a few minutes. I'm sure they will have some fantastic adventures to tell us on Saturday when we pick them up.

On the way back home we stopped at our favorite fruit stand and picked up some cherries for my sweetie. I swear, he and Curly could live off cherries!


Anonymous said...

Your daughter and her husband should have tried to adopt the kids if they really wanted to keep them in their home as a family..Utah is like most states they just move kids around to many families, it saves them the time and effort to let them be adopted..Their parents don't really want them so it saves the states money to try to find them permanaent homes because the parents throw a fit when they ask them to relinquish them..It is the system, if your daughter was a social worker she knows the system!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bossy said...

We did. We fought.

Anonymous said...

I am the anonymous person who comments on your struggles - I feel for you and your husband who valiantly take little ones into your home and heart and love them and protect them and treat the precious ones like family..I just hate how states try to just run rough shod over foster children~~~!! My mother died young, you would of thought she killed someone we were moved all over one family was absolutely wonderful but they were not roman catholic when the state of Oregon found out we were removed to a horrible roman catholic family I am sure my Mother would fought tooth and nail to remove my brother myself and my baby sister..I basically was a paycheck for these people and my brother too and my baby sister..I stayed most nights right next door to the house and ate there and my brother stayed with a teacher from his high school, only the youngest got to know these criminals, they adopted her and she never spoke to us again, she did some pretty criminal things and turned out like those horrible people, both died terrible deaths and even the mans biological son did not attend his funeral or memorial service..my good friend followed them and went to the state and made sure they never got to take foster kids and when the lady passed she said at the memorial service at the church she hoped they would get their reward for the evil they did to many many children..The state of Oregon still doesn't give two cents about children and juvenile justice whatsoever..I live far from that terrible state, in our state they don't treat kids like that but of course I live in near a huge metropolitan area where the governor has an office..I have advocated for tiny ones and juveniles and battered women my entire life, it bode me well I simply would never watch someone be mean to tiny ones, juveniles and women who are abused..You and your husband are to be admired, many don't give 2 cents for children with no homes..God will give you some children I have prayed for you both since reading your Mother's blog for years now I just know our Heavenly Father has a plan for you both~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up your efforts to adopt & have tiny ones, they are our Heavenly Fathers sweetest angels here on earth...aloha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom of 12 said...

Your prayers and those of so many others have helped Bossy and Gamer immensely in their journey. For now they will likely just wait until December for their own little one to be born. So excited for the gender reveal on July 25!

LeAnn said...

I am so sorry that they lost the two children. I feel sad for them all. I think there are many flaws in the foster care system.
I will look forward to hearing how the girl scout camp went. I'm sure they will have a ball. Blessings and hugs and especially for Gamer and Bossy!


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