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Jul 17, 2017

A Quick Staycation

This coming week was supposed to be our vacation week, but because of my surgery, we had to cancel our tentative plans. So yesterday we were talking about a concert Crafty had tickets to see in the Eccles Theatre downtown. She still needed two concerts to finish up for her class, so I suggested to my sweetie that we could go down to the conference center and watch them film Music and The Spoken Word on Sunday morning.

At some point one of us mentioned a possible hotel stay and a mini vacation was born. We took off on Friday night and drove downtown. My sweetie had a couple of free rooms from his travel points at the Marriott so we figured it would be perfect.

We checked in just after 4:00 and the kids quickly changed and we made our way to the pool. We played and splashed for an hour and then went back upstairs to change. The first concert was the Days of 47 Pops and we were pretty excited to see it. If we hurried, we had time to walk to City Creek mall and get some dinner and then maybe even stop at a couple of stores.

The kids all wanted different kinds of food, so I'm not sure the food court was all that cheap, but it was fun. Then we stopped at the Disney Store and another toy store before we walked to the Eccles. We waited in line for a few minutes and then we found our seats. It was a wonderful patriotic concert!

Then we walked back to the hotel. We were all tired from the walking and the kids camping all week, so everyone went to bed. This morning when we got up, we all dressed in our church clothes, grabbed a granola bar, and headed out again.

We had to be in our seats by 9:15 at the conference. It was quick walking for my poor sweetie and his broken foot, but he handled in like a trooper. We arrived and were seated in plenty of time. We even got into the front section. I loved the music, but it was a bit stressful knowing it was being recorded so we had to be silent.

After we left the Conference Center, we caught the trax train back to the hotel where we had breakfast in the dining room. It was nice, but expensive even with the 4 free vouchers given to my sweetie upon check-in.

When we were finally finished, we loaded up the car and headed for home, just in time to take Sport to the church by 12:30. The whole thing was fast and fun and spontaneous, but sometimes that makes for the best times.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Wow, I think this was a short but extremely fun vacation. It looked like an awesome adventure. Praying for you and that upcoming surgery. . Blessings and. Hugs~


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