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Jul 20, 2017

Guest Blog: The Book Fort by BabyDoll

It stated out as this puppet show and it turned into this gigantic fort.  You see, I got these spoon puppets from the director of that show I was in up at Weber with Prima Donna.  We lost the spoons, so Scout and I made new puppets with plastic spoons.  There were three puppets: one for each of us plus Curly.  We put on a show this afternoon for Mom and everyone else who was home.  We had fun doing the show and then Mom remembered that an activity we could do for the summer reading program was to make a book fort.  Curly got us lots of blankets.  Scout moved the chairs and tables.  I organized things.  And Dog Walker brought down his cool book stuffed animals to decorate. 
Once the fort was made, we played in it and set up more things inside like flashlights, pillows, and a radio.  Then we all read some books.  I read two books, actually: "Let's Go For a Drive" and "Should I Share My Ice Cream?" by Mo Willems.  I thought they were really fun.  If you're bored this summer, maybe you should make a book fort too!

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