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Jul 8, 2017

Sport's New Skill

Sport has been so busy with his summer science class, that until this last week we haven't had time to do much else. Now that my sweetie is injured,  Drama Queen is spending most of her time at her new house, and Crafty was in Nashville, I had to find someone else to help me cook. Sport seemed like a good choice, especially since one of the few merit badges he still needs for his Eagle is the cooking merit badge.

 This week I managed to get him to cook 3 nights in a row! The first night was his own choice and he just made Ramen soup, but the second night I convinced him we needed to have something a bit more difficult and healthier. He laid out a menu consisting of cheeseburgers, pasta, corn, and watermelon.

My sweetie went with him out to work the grill and I assisted with the inside stuff. His hamburgers were delicious! So good that I was able to convince him he wanted to cook again tonight. This time it was spaghetti and meatballs with green beans, french bread, and fresh pineapple. He even made strawberry shortcake for dessert!

You know the best part about it besides the fact that I don't have to cook?

He offered to make pancakes and bacon for breakfast tomorrow. I think he has figured out that if he plans and prepares the meal, he also gets to cook the things he likes...

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

I think Sport is so smart! Yes, if I cook; I can eat what I like. I think like that too. It looks like he made some great meals, worked on his merit badges and learned to cook; perfect.
Blessings and hugs for him!


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