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Jun 6, 2016

Teach's Birthday Party... Sort Of

We had another birthday party here today! I told you Teach turned 25 on Thursday, but with all the craziness, of course we would wait until a slightly quieter moment to celebrate. Although it really turned out not to be quiet. Right after Sport got home from doing fast offerings, his stomach started bothering him. Within an hour, he had thrown up several times and was pretty out for the count. No one else seems to be feeling poorly, so I'm wondering if something he ate at his campout yesterday was not happy being digested.

While he slept, the rest of us consumed a delicious Dutch oven dinner prepared by my sweetie. He also made a watermelon salad that was totally delicious and French bread from scratch. We are just so spoiled around here when the weekends roll around; that is usually when he has time to cook.

As you know, we are also planning a wedding, and Teach told Princess she wanted to do her Engagement photos at sunset. Well, one thing led to another and we were just finishing gifts when Teach announced the lighting was perfect and it was time for them to leave.

I detained them for another moment while we sang Happy Birthday, and I promised her we would save them all a piece of cake. So we sort of celebrated her birthday without her.

When they got back, my sweetie downloaded all the pics so we could watch them on the TV screen and we giggled and gawked at over 850 shots. I'll share some of their favorites with you in a day or two when they've had a chance to narrow it down a bit. I really like the one where they are kissing under the bridge and the sprinklers come on... I didn't know they made those kinds of sensors!!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend.


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