Jun 25, 2016

New York Yankees

I loved the baseball game at Fenway with my sweetie, but I was even more excited for the Yankees game against the Minnesota Twins today. I wanted my dad to experience Yankee Stadium, so for Fathers' Day we bought some pretty decent seats and took him to the game. Teach and Twiz came with us.

My sweetie insisted we leave about 7:30 AM. He was worried about traffic, but mostly he wanted a chance to visit the memorial park before the game started. I'm so glad we did! We were some of the first ones through the gates and we headed straight to the memorial. It is right down on the field and it includes numbers and metal casts of all the greats, Mickie Mantle, Yogi Berra, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Babe Ruth...

I was truly amazed at how many legendary players were Yankees. By the time we were finished, there were probably at least 100 people waiting in line.

We made our way to the 2nd level and found our seats. They were fantastic seats, but they were in the sun. We bought some chicken sliders and fries and decided to wait in the shade until the game started. We eventually returned to our seats and proceeded to watch the Yankees put down the Twins 2 - 1.

The board flashed a sign that said over 40,000 people were in attendance. The traffic leaving the stadium could have been much worse, but we prepaid our $35 parking pass, so we didn't have to wait to get out. We were back in New Jersey before 7:00.

We dropped Teach and Twiz off for their family get-together and then we drove to a little Italian place for dinner. Now we are back in the rooms, packing up to leave tomorrow. Grandpa flies out Sunday afternoon, my sweetie and I on Monday, and Teach & Twiz on Tuesday. We will stay in Connecticut tomorrow night and then fly out of Boston. We have had so much fun on this trip! I love spending time with my sweetie, but I am ready to go home. Mostly I'm ready to sleep in my own comfortable bed...

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