Jun 29, 2016

Coming Home

Every time I go somewhere that messes with the time zones, my sleep schedule is crazy and I feel like I can't get enough sleep no matter what I do. Sorry to disappoint you yesterday, but I did want to fill you in on our final day of our trip.

We spent Sunday night in Connecticut and checked out of the hotel late on Monday morning. (Not too late, you know I'm cheap and I didn't want to have to pay extra...) Our first stop was a WalMart to buy an extra bag. It's not that I bought a ton of extra stuff or anything, but one little gift for each person in my family can add up pretty fast. We repacked all the bags in the parking lot and then got on the road.

Our flight wasn't until 7:50, but with the traffic around Boston, we were worried about being late. Then of course we got there way too early. So we decided to get off the freeway and see if we could find a little ice cream shop where we could sit for a few minutes.

The GPS led us to a little creamery right across the street from Boston College. What a beautiful campus! We took a walk up the street and then decided to drive around a little more. After a while we made our way into the city and to the airport.

The airport was crazy busy, but we finally got our bags checked and we bought a little something to eat on the plane. Then our flight was delayed by 45 minutes. This airplane was not nearly as comfortable as the one we flew out on and my leg was killing me by the time we finally arrived.

We got to the house about 1:00 AM and all the kids were still up and waiting for us which was a little troublesome since I have 2 that are still in school. (They assured me both had an afternoon nap.)

We talked and visited for another hour and then fell into bed. It was so nice to sleep in my own bed I never wanted to climb back out!

Today we are off on another adventure, but that post is for tomorrow.

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LeAnn said...

I am so happy that you could take this awesome trip. You really were able to see and enjoy a lot od things. What an adeventure you have had. I just think it is so awesome. I am assured that your children were so happy to have ypu back home. I think it was awesome they stayed up. Im sure they were to excited to sleep anyway. Thanks for sharing your trip. Hugs! 😊💕