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Jun 24, 2016

New Jersey Reception for Teach & Twiz

Heading to the party
The grand entrance
We had such a full and fun day today! We got up this morning and drove to Ocean City. We walked along the boardwalk and ate lunch at a little cafe. While we were eating it started to rain and pretty much everyone was leaving so that made quite the traffic jam getting out of town.

But we still got back to the hotel in plenty of time to get cleaned up for the Wedding Reception. New Jersey weddings are way different from Utah weddings.

We were assigned to a specific table in a nice banquet room. There were about 10 tables and then one special one for Teach and Twiz. We waited for them to make a grand entrance and then they danced together. After that, Teach danced with her dad and then Twiz danced with his mom and then we were allowed to eat dinner.

Dancing with Dad
Cutting the cake
It was an Italian place so they served all kinds of pasta and such on the buffet. My favorite was the parmesan chicken and the carrot cake cupcakes. After food, we had a great time dancing and watching Teach and Twiz dance. Then they cut the cake and served ice cream.

We stayed until almost 10:00. The music was so loud, I'm afraid Grandpa won't be able to hear at all tomorrow. We are getting up early to drive into New York, so I'd better get some rest.

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