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Jun 2, 2016

Supporting Mom

I love this big crazy family of mine!

You know I'm in charge of basketball and other women's sports at my church, right? Well, on Tuesday nights at 9:00 pm, we have a scheduled practice. Half the year we play basketball and half the year we play volleyball. I love getting out and exercising, but my favorite part is now that the basketball season is over and most of our friends are moving into summer activities, my kids still come out to support me and give me a rousing game of basketball.

Last night we had 12 of us total, and only one wasn't family. Even Prima Donna came over to join in the fun and she hates basketball! Thanks, guys, for always being there for me, letting me have the open shot, and not tackling me for the rebound...

oh wait...

that was my wish list. Let me start over.

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