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Jun 4, 2016

Congratulations and Best Wishes!

My sweetie finally downloaded the good camera so I could post some graduation pictures of Prima Donna. Graduation was on June 2, which turned out to be a super big day for us this year. Princess got engaged, Prima Donna graduated from Bingham High School, and Teach turned 25.

Our high schools are all assigned to one of the big arenas so they can accommodate all the friends and families of the graduates. As usual, we were going to UVU. They had three graduations there on the same day and we were the last one which was nice because parking was much easier.

Prima Donna had to be there early, so she drove herself down and that worked nicely since she had tickets for her and a friend to see Jane Eyre again at the Hale Theatre after the ceremony. Her class graduated over 700 students and it was harder than normal to get a seat. We never did find Grandpa. His phone was off and he didn't come to our usual place although I heard from a friend that he was there so I guess that is all that matters. Education is very important to him since he was a teacher for 40 years.

Fajita was playing with the Bingham Symphony, so she was there even though she is only a junior. Prima Donna was on the second row because her A Capella group was also singing. They did a fantastic job! It is easy to see why they received Superiors at State.

It took almost a full hour for them to read the graduates' names and parade them across the stage.

When it was all over, we waited another 20 minutes for her to make her way across the arena for a hug. Then she and Kamryn took off one way and we went another.

I guess that's how life works. I was thinking about that while I was filling out paperwork for her apartment at school next year. She is off to Weber State, majoring in Theater Education and being dramatic for a whole new group of friends. So proud of you, Prima Donna!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Congratulations to Prima Donna! So many exciting things happening in your lives. Enjoy each moment to the fullest.....

shortybear said...

awesome pictures, congrats to dear prima donna


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