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Jun 9, 2016


Waiting for the parade
Crafty and Fajita
Baby Doll and Curly
So many things have been happening, last Saturday seems like forever ago, but I wanted to share a few fun pics from Summerfest with you. Crafty and Fajita were at the very beginning of the parade, carrying the banner for the Grand Marshall who just happened to be a former teacher from Bingham High School. My kids think he is the greatest!

After the parade, I ran out to Riverton for Scout's softball game that they won so we had a second tournament game in the afternoon. (They lost that one, so the season is over now.)

Crafty and I took the younger kids out to the park to visit the booths and play the games. My favorite part was watching them have a 3-way boxing match with these gigantic gloves, but the huge barbells were fun too.

We sat in the car and listened to the LeAnn Rimes concert and when it was over, we thoroughly enjoyed the fireworks and a dance choreographed and performed by Crafty and Baby Doll.

I wish I would have thought to take pictures.


shortybear said...


Natalie Ockey said...

Sounds amazing-- except for that LeAnn Rimes stuff. I don't know how you listen to that...


LeAnn said...

So happy you had fun at the Summerfest. It did sound like a lot of fun things going on. Of course, we could hear the music from our house. I loved it when LeAnn Rimes became popular because more people then knew how to spell my name. Blessings and hugs!


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