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May 11, 2016

Sport is Student of the Month!

We were so excited when Sport received his letter last week informing him he had been chosen as the Student of the Month for South Jordan Middle School. We had to be at the school this morning at 7:00 for the awards breakfast. I want to share with you the little speech I gave about him and his accomplishments. He really is an awesome guy.

Sport is #9 of 12 children. He loves sports of all kinds which based on his attire you have probably guessed. Right now he is playing Pony League Baseball, typically at 1st base or pitcher. He was nearing the end of his second year in Little League when one of his coaches suggested that Sport could throw much harder with his left hand than his right. He recommended a different mitt. The change was amazing! He had always been good, but he became accurate and FAST! He still bats, eats, and writes with his right hand, but shoots a basketball with his left and as center on the football team, he hikes with his left hand as well.

You have probably figured out that he is a good student, and his favorite classes are math, science, gym (of course) and more recently, art. He is really a Renaissance man. He is an excellent scout, with 16 merit badges even though he’s only 12 years old. He is also the den chief for my wolf den. He loves chess and has participated in tournaments including bringing home a trophy (he still can’t beat me though…) He loves cars and anything with wheels. He is a master Lego builder and a member of the MathCounts team, as well as the Robotics and MESA clubs. He plays the trumpet in the concert band and he is a member of the brass choir. He has repeatedly won awards in the Reflections program (even in dance choreography…I wasn’t supposed to tell you that). First Counselor in his Deacon’s Quorum, a member of the Teen Advisory Board at the South Jordan Library, and most recently, a new member of NJHS, Sport is the kind of kid every parent dreams of having. He is even kind and sweet with small children and babies.

Not that he is perfect though. He doesn’t like vegetables or spiders or bugs or dogs or playing in the dirt unless it’s on a ball field. He is allergic to flu shots, which makes him very happy every fall when the others are getting theirs. Except for the time he actually got the flu.

He is trustworthy, loyal, helpful… oh wait… wrong kind of meeting. 

So proud of you Sport!


Marci said...

So very few of these things surprised me since I read your blog all the time, but to see everything at once, WOW! Sport has quite the resume already! Congratulations to him!

LeAnn said...

Congratulations to Sport for his achievement. I can tell he is an outstanding young man. I loved the photos and especially the one of the three of you. Hugs for him~


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