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May 17, 2016

Graduation Party 2016

Remember I told you that Beauty and Prima Donna graduated from SLCC a couple of weeks ago? And Prima Donna will be graduating from Bingham High School on June 2, so we decided to pick a date between the two and have a large family party to celebrate their successes.

We had it planned for a Sunday that looked pretty good back in April when we sent out the invitations. Then Prima Donna was invited to sing a solo in Sacrament meeting and she had to teach in her Laurel class. My sweetie and Sport had meetings in the morning and then they scheduled in one for Girls' Camp at 2:00. When we got home at nearly 3:00, we grabbed some lunch, and then it was "all hands on deck" to finish the last bit of cleaning and putting out the food.

The party was wonderfully successful! I think we ended up with about 50 people, but who is counting? For a minute I worried that we might run out of food, but it was totally fine.

Drama Queen made a cute pinata that the kids had fun bashing with a bat. It was finally Gamer who conquered the cardboard and set the candy free.

Today I'm still trying to recover and play catchup from the weekend. Prima Donna broke her phone again and someone stole Princess's debit card n umber.

Never a dull moment here!.


Shana M said...

Never a dull moment is right!!!

LeAnn said...

Yes, there is never a dull moment in your home. The Sunday schedule sounded busy and the party looked wonderful. Hug for all the graduates~


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