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May 9, 2016

Happy Mother's Day, Mom

Thanks, Mom, for standing by me even when you thought I was wrong. It's been nearly 10 years since you left us and I still think of you often.

Dad misses you. He assures me that the best day of his life was when he convinced a beautiful blue-eyed Danish girl to be his wife.

I wish my little ones would have been able to remember you here on earth. Crafty was almost 6 when you passed away and even her memories are vague and mostly based on pictures. I'm older now than you were when my sweetie and I got married. Math was never my best subject, but I'm thinking you were about 45 then because Little Sis was just past 5.

I could never take your place, but I do my best with Little Sis. She has so many questions about raising babies and for some reason, she thinks I know what I'm doing. I know, I've got her fooled. Usually I just listen until she works out the problems on her own, but you would be happy to know that she and I are now the greatest of friends. I try to take care of the family, to bring them together for holidays and special occasions, to soothe hurt feelings, to help and serve and share when I can.

I miss your advice and our late night talks, playing 2-handed Pinochle after I would come home from a date just to keep our hands busy while we shared our hearts. More pictures of us would have been nice, sadly, digital cameras weren't common then. My favorite pics are the ones from our wedding. I remember you young and vibrant, before Diabetes robbed you of your health and a bad back stole your mobility.

I imagine you now, young and beautiful and waiting for us. Watch over my children for me, Mom. Pray for them and help keep them safe. Until we meet again, I love you.



Natalie Ockey said...

Beautifully written. Thanks for sharing-- brings tears to my eyes!


Little Sis said...

You made me cry...and I love how close we have become. It is amazing when you realize you actually want to be friends with your family! I love you.


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