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May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Sunday

Prima Donna and her good friend, Izzy
I'm loving this Memorial Day Weekend.

Usually we are so crazy busy with things that we hardly have time to breathe, let alone play games. I know, a Sunday without a birthday party is rare for us, especially this time of year, but Prima Donna graduated from Seminary today, so we were at the church until about 6:30. That would have made it difficult to prepare food and a celebration, so we just kept the evening pretty quiet.

My sweetie and I have been planning a trip for next month (Teach and Twiz are having a New Jersey Wedding Celebration), so after an hour or so on the computer, I was ready for a change of venue. Curly came in all upset because there wasn't room for him at the game the bigger kids were playing. I handed him my brand new deck of UNO cards and suggested he try to set up another game.

He came back a few minutes later, rather dejected that no one seemed interested, so I headed for the family room. We rounded up Baby Doll and Crafty joined us and soon we four were playing a rousing game of UNO. As we got ready to start our second hand, I invited my sweetie to join us.

We were having so much fun! Then Curly gave Baby Doll a Wild Draw 4 card and she dramatically sunk her face into her handful of cards and moaned, "My life is torture!"

What 5-year-old knows that word? And if they do, can they use it properly in a sentence?

She eventually came back to win the game with my sweetie sliding in at a miserable last place.

I think he needs to work on his Spanish.

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shortybear said...

glad you enjoyed the holiday


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