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May 12, 2016

Fixing Up the Park Strip

When we first moved into our house in 1994, we planted three maple trees on our park strip. They have all grown up now and they are full and beautiful, emphasis on the full. They block the sun and that makes it hard for the grass to grow. For the last few years we have struggled to keep the turf from being overrun by weeds.

This year we finally decided to do something about it.

First we thought about putting in new sod, but that would have only been a temporary solution unless we wanted to cut down the trees. Then my sweetie suggested we pull out all the grass and put in rocks, but rocks bring spiders and scraped knees, so I nixed that idea.

We had tried reseeding just the problem areas, but that was a waste of good grass seed. Then Home Depot had their wood mulch on for $2 a bag and my sweetie went a little crazy... a good kind of crazy. He and the kids and grandkids spent a few days ripping everything out (in between rainstorms) and digging it down a few inches.

After that they covered it with weed barrier fabric and spread the bags of mulch. Even Baby Doll and Chips got in on the action. They are fabulous at pounding staples!  I am totally happy with how it turned out.


Natalie Ockey said...

Ummm... How did it turn out? I don't see a picture?


LeAnn said...

I love how your family all works together on projects; sweet!
Hugs for all~


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