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May 15, 2016

Over Doing It

I had serious doubts about surviving this weekend and its flurry of activities. In fact, today my sweetie came in after his morning church meetings and suggested that maybe we had finally over done it. But wait, let's back up to Friday and you can tell me what you think.

Preparation for Friday night started long ago when my sweetie was first assigned to be in charge of the food for the Fathers and Sons Campout. He was less than enthusiastic, but took on the task anyway and we started making plans. The goal was for 80 people, so he had to round up the grills from the church and clean them, we had to plan and buy all the food and supplies, then pack it all into coolers. That said, we still had to get out all the camping equipment, etc. for my own boys to camp, fill the propane tanks, the gas tanks, you get the idea. And he couldn't just serve scrambled eggs and pancakes like regular people, he wanted to do breakfast burritos with homemade chile verde on the side.

By Friday morning, we had everything pretty much ready. My sweetie made one last trip to the grocery store and by the time I got Sport home from school, they were ready to leave. Taco and Burrito went with my sweetie, Sport, Dog Walker, and Twiz while Curly stayed behind to play his baseball game before he rode up with Gamer, Chips, and Salsa. Before the baseball game I ran several groups to the photography studio for dance pics, and then like I told you, Drama Queen took Baby Doll to the Bird Festival.

The library had their Beehive Book party from 4 - 5 and we wanted to pick up the free books for the kids, so Fajita took Chips and I took Curly and Salsa. We congregated back at the house and then we took off for the various games. Fajita picked up Scout from her pics and then took her to a softball game. Bossy and I took the other boys to their baseball game. Gamer met us there and took off immediately afterwards to join everyone else at the campout.

Meanwhile, Teach was at the house starting the Girl Scout Sleepover, ordering pizza and getting the girls situated. By 8:00 everyone had eaten and I was stripping the last of the quilt so we could put it on frames. I've never been so far behind for the sleepover...

By 10:00 we put in a movie and the girls started tying the quilt. Teach and I closed ourselves into the office to finish up her Tupperware party and submit the orders. We had trouble with the system and it was nearly midnight before we could get it all turned in. Then I was only about 1000 steps from my 10,000 step goal so we grabbed the dogs and took them out for a stroll. Midnight came and went before I managed to hit the mark, so I was a little discouraged about that.

The girls all settled to watch a movie and sleep so by about 1:30 AM, I headed to bed. The quilt was done.

Morning came way too quickly. Prima Donna had to be at the high school by 7:30 for the State Choir Festival and Princess had to work, so they both headed out the door. Drama Queen got up and made the crepes with some help from Bossy. At 10:00 Crafty and Fajita headed off to their respective service projects and it wasn't long after that the boys all got home with tons of stuff to unload and put away.

Then I took Scout out to the softball diamond for All Star Tryouts and the Dog Walker and I took the rest of the kids to the Scouting Expo along with one of Curly's friends. We had about an hour and a half to wander and try all the booths before Scout and Curly headed for the Pinewood Derby booth to help for 2 hours. They earned twice as much money back for their camps that way, so it was worth it.

After that we found Sport's scout leader and left him to help with the final clean up of the Expo. A quick drive home and I was ready to pass out. I took a nap for a while. Crafty and Scout were both performing at Miss South Jordan, so they headed off to the high school. I got up and started cleaning and getting ready for the giant graduation party we had for Beauty and Prima Donna tonight.

At about 1:00 AM, I remembered that all the paperwork for Girls' Camp needed to be done before the meeting this afternoon, so I finished it up and went to bed without writing a blog post. Now this post is getting terribly long and you are probably also ready for a nap, so I will share the details and pics of the party with you tomorrow.

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LeAnn said...

Oh my gosh, how do you keep track of where everyone needs to go and and who takes them and etc??? I am so amazed! I seriously don't know how you are still standing. I needed a nap after just reading about this day. Sending loving thoughts, blessings and hugs your way~


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